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 The fence boom has small storage volume and can be wound on the winch to facilitate the transport and use.It is suitable for pounds,reservoirs,lakes and rivers etc.and espically suitable for emergency use.It can also provide simple and convenient effective oil spill protection for ports,docks,coastal waters and rivers.

1.The membrane is made from Pvc high-intensity double sided coated reinforced plastic sheeting,and it has oil resistent solid foam floats.Ballast weught hanging at the bottom of the main body.spacing between floats form flexible comportment to ensure the boom be collapsible and wave-following.

2.The stays fitted in the intervals between floats make the boom maintain stable vertically.

3.Upper,middle and lower reinforcing bands are the three vertical bands that are subjected to force,and ensure that the boom can withstand a great vertical pull.The boom sections made of many floats are connected by connector.One end of the boom section is with anchor bearing to facilitate connecting with the anchor rope when you deplay booms.



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