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 Solid PVC floatation boom is economize and general propose boom for encircling spilt oil and other floaters on water. It is especially suitable for permanent deployment and widely used at pond, lake, river, harbor and offshore petroleum platform.

1.High strength and long service life.because of reasonable forcedistribution on the boom.
2.Good oil stagnant ability with due to nice posture and highstability in water.
3.Good wave-response. Easy deployment.
4.Easy to clean and maintain. 

1.Boom's membrane is PVC double-face coated reinforced fabric.
2.A top ridge rope, middle reinforced belts and a bottom balance chain on boom sections bear the longitudinal load,and form concaves both at the skirt in water and at the flexible sections above water when boom is in a current.
3.There are flexible sections between cross beam like floaters.
4.Easily connect boom sections, which are 20m long.
5.Every section has anchor seats.



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