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 Inflatable boom is important equipment for encircling oil spill and preventing oil from spreading. It is especially suitable for oil spill emergent response. It is widely used at river, harbor, offshore petroleum platform and ship salvages.

1.It is with high strength, resistant to oil, galling and weather, and can work in rough sea.
2.It has high ability for wave-response and oil-stagnant with high stability.
3.It has high maneuverability due to small store volume.
4.It can be mechanically deployed and recovered.
5.With all necessary accessories.

1.Every 200m boom is stored in a hydraulically driven reel containized oruncontainized.
2.At least a power pack and an inflator are supplied for a set of boom reels.
3.A cleaning device can be supplied upon the order.

It consists of a auxiliary winder,a high-press,hot-water cleaner and clean box.It is used in cleaning used boom body.

The hydraulically driven reel can be put in a container, with front and rear door for easy operation when more than one containers put in line.

Power pack provides hydraulic power forwinder's hydraulic motor.There are two types for power pack:electric and diesel power.The users may select it according to their require.The aerator is used for inflating or sucking the air chamers of boom.



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