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Oil spill control booms that are necessary. Oil spill occurs, first of all be controlled with booms to live around oil spills, to prevent its spread. Oil spill booms can be directed to the appropriate area, as far as concentration, the physical methods provide the conditions for recovery of oil spills.

 Booms high-intensity gas-tight PVC with oil cloth made through a special welding process, the formation of the water and underwater barriers bar oil. A long column of upper gas chamber, gas chamber, there valve, after the chamber was filled with gas cylinder. Chamber body under the bar called the skirt, high-intensity weight chain with a PVC skirt body at the bottom of the cloth, so that booms in the water to sustain its status and certain underwater vertical depth, and vertical tension components at the same time as the water bear wind in the booms on the force generated. Both ends of the hinge connection to international standards for the association between booms section.

1, high strength, oil resistance, weatherability, abrasion resistance, long service life.
2, wave good by, good stability, hysteresis and strong oil.
3, storing small, mobility, easy deployment, recovery and storage.
4, using long-chamber structure, with the state by force, and high strength and laying the characteristics of fast recovery.
5, and suitable for rivers, lakes, sea, dock, harbor and offshore oil platforms and other waters. Especially suitable for oil spill emergency response.



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