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Vaccum skimmer is an oil spill recovery device that is suitable for sea beach,shallow and narrow water.It consists of oil tank pushcart,pump pushcart and hoses.pump pushcart afford power for oil tank.The pushcart structure of vacuum pump ,vacuum tank (oil tank) is suitable for motion,tote and transportation.The main material of equipment is the stainless steel,durable,anti corrosive ,low cost,simple structure,easy to operate and easily repair.


  1. High recovering rate,Recovering all viscosities of oil,including oil sediment and solid granule.
  2. Equipped with tank or other emergency oil storage equipment,It can recover oil rapidly, and oil delivered by pressue offshore,does not have to elevate,through the pipe line transfers the oil to the far and high or container.Also can transfer to the oil drum,but does not need to use ready especially the big coliber oil drum without top coping,has a better serviceability.
  3. It is flexible,portable,advantageous for tote and transportation.Can recovered in the sea beach which vessel can’t touch,narrow water,up and down,ground and water,shallow water that skimmer can’t work  just because its draft is deep.


vacuum skimmer is composed of oil tank, pumping station and pipeline and so on.



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