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ZS disc skimmer is an efficient,light and hand device recovering of oil spill on water.It consists of a floatable head,a power pack put on the deck of a boat or the bank and linking hoses between the head and the power pack.It has same models to suit most conditions such as pond,lake,river,harbour and sea.


  1. Can recover different kind of oil such as fuel,mechanical lubricants,crude and vegetable oil with high recovering rate.
  2. Leave small amount of water in recover oil (min 3-5% of optimum condition).
  3. Low draft and high wave-response.
  4. Light and easy maneuvering for oil spill emergent response.


  1. The head’s body is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy
  2. Having sealed shell and filled up with foam plastic,the floats of the head have stable buoyance and high anticrack ability.
  3. Elastic scrapers can auto-compensate the gap between scrapers and discs to improve scraping off oil and recovering low viscous oil.
  4. The kind of power can be choiced.
  5. The disks are powerfully and reliably driven and stepless speed  regulated by hydraulic motor.
  6. The disks bank are easy disassembled for maintenance.



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