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Floatable philo-oil endless ropes pass rollers in the skimmer.The ropes on water absorbs oil.Elastic rollers,squeeze oil off the ropes into a sump when the ropes pass through the skimmer.


  1. Stationary rope map skimmer.The rope is guided over the oiled water by one or more floatable pullers.The skimmer is on beach or deck.Alarge area can be coverd by a long rope.It can be used under piers and parallel to shoreline druing beach cleaning
  2. Suspended Rope Mop skimmer:with one or several ropes,the skimmer is suspended over the oiled water,for example,a polluted also can skim an area when it moves with the boat,on which it sits.


  1. It is specialy suitable for middle and low viscosity oil.
  2. Left small amount of water in recovered oil.
  3. The rope made of crack-membrane fibre has long service life and wide operational temprature.
  4. Debris and ice present no difficulty on the operation.
  5. The suspended skimmer is easily operated with safety.



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