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GM-2 type oil spill dispersant (also known as dispersants), I developed a highly efficient conventional type oil spill dispersant, its main role is the time when the waters in the oil spill, oil spill dispersant spraying can disperse into the water spill small particles, or applied to the wave under the effect of stirring forces within the dispersed water is not on the rise, thus speeding up the oil spill was the process of biodegradation in water, to reduce the pollution damage and to eliminate the oil spill pollution.
    Oil spill dispersant spray to deal with oil spill contaminated the waters and important means of effective methods, which can be widely used for offshore oil drilling platforms, ships, ports, terminals and so on where the waters.

1. General dosage is about 20% of the spilled oil, oil products according to environmental conditions and types of adjustments, but the maximum amount of not more than 90% of the liquid spray.
2. With a gun shooting a water control oil fires, in water mixed with 2 - 5% oil consumption, increase the fire put fruit, not liquid sprinkler.

Use specially designed spray equipment can improve the utilization of oil spill dispersants and dispersion.

Two packages: a large drum 170 kg, 20 kg of small drum equipment. Place of storage should be ventilated and dry to prevent corrosion, and to avoid the heat. Good storage conditions, the original packaging for storage of up to five years.



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