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     Oil spill dispersant
Oil spill dispersant is usually difficult to deal with recovery time as a regular supplement use according to different circumstances handheld spray equipment, marine and aircraft spray equipment spray devices.
     Oil-Sorbet Boom
Sorbent boom is made of sorbent pad and used to clean oil spill on water. The boom is more convenient to deploy and recover than pad...
     Absorbent pads
Absorbent Pad is an important means to deal with oil spill. Generally, absorbent pads are to be used to clean last thin oil film after a mechanical device (skimmer) is deployed to recover most spilt oil in an oil spill response action.
     Oil gelling agent
GMN-01 gelling agents, are north of a plant as raw material made of natural plant products...
     Spraying equipment for oil dispersant
Using handheld gun spraying, convenient operation flexible; injection pressure high, range far atomization extent adjustable...



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