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      The pump uses two elliptical arc cam rotor meshing rotation, relying on the two cam Hasebe will flow along the pump casing from the side of the extrusion to the other side of the cam rotor gear drive to make an synchronous rotation, resulting in the liquid move, their flow with the speed to increase in the increase of outlet pressure with the back pressure increases.

1, a linear relationship between flow and speed, different working pressures, different input power required.
2, with a large particle diameter of the medium has good passing ability, up to 40mm or so.
3, elastic surface cam rotor, seal particularly well, improved self-priming capability.
4, impurity transport medium low torque. Elastic surface cam rotor and the rotor compared to hard surface, low friction resistance
5, high efficiency, up to 80%.

       Lightering pumps to transport from low viscosity to high viscosity, with larger particles of impurities, some of the corrosive medium, and low shear rate of media requests. Can be used in environmental protection, chemicals, petroleum, mining, construction, shipbuilding, ceramics, food processing and agriculture industries. Such as: the transfer of sewage, waste oil, mud water, mining waste, waste oil, lime slurry, washing liquid, emulsion and so on. Flow range can cover 10m3 / h to 200m3 / h.
Diesel lightering pumps:
         The supporting device configuration is complete, application scope is wide, with a diesel power station, hydraulic lines, frame, etc., to facilitate mobile crane or forklift.
Motor Barge Pump:
         The device is a cam rotor pump and YS GMTB explosive speed motor barge consisting of mobile devices.



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