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A kind of floating in the water and may be towing a flexible fluid container. Oil spill emergency response operations in the water storage and transport of oil as a tool. Also be used as storage tanks on land or car.

★Made of oil-resistant rubber sheet or double-face coated reinforced PVC fabric, have long service life, easy to clean and maintain.
★ Fold-stored in a well-handled packing box.
★The bladder of long cylinder has air chambers and inlet and exit ports.
★The bladder is equipped with tow-bars for being towed.
★Disassemble a tow-bar to open one end of the bladder for cleaning.

        A normal floating bladder can’t be lifted before the oil in the bladder is sucked out.The suspendable floating bladder, which made of high strength rubber sheets and has small volume, with oil full in it can be lifted form water to a deck or beach and for offloading. A row of suspendable floating bladders composes a bladder-train.



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