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     Fence boom
The fence boom has small storage volume and can be wound on the winch to facilitate the transport and use.It is suitable for and rivers etc.and espically suitable for emergency use.
     Beach boom
Beach boom is suitable for the interception of oil spills in the tidal zone. If oil spill happens in inshore waters and the oil spill is near to shoreline, you can deploy beach boom to protect shoreline against the pollution of oil spills.
     Flexible quick deployment boom
The boom adopts fexible floats and can be wound on reel,which not only increases flexibility of boom deployment,but also has reliability of general solid flotation boom.
     Solid-Floatation Rubber boom
It is suitable for permanent deployment,frequent operation and adverse circumstance,such as seaport,oil depot and oil wharf,aquatic sea bath beach,water platation and other important sensitive sites.
     Solid-Floatation PVC boom
Solid floatation PVC boom is an economize and general boom for encircling spilt oil and other floaters on water.It is specially suitable for long-term deployment on water and widely used in ponds,lakes,rivers,habour and so on.
     Fire Resistant Boom
Besides containing oil spill as normal booms, the fireproof boom has fireproof ability. It can prevent firing oil spill from drifting to gain time to put out the fire.
     Inflatable rubber boom
Inflatable boom is an important equipment for encircling spill oil and preventing spill oil diffusion.It is specially suitable for emergent combating of oil spill accidents.
     Light Inflatable Boom
Light inflatable boom is an economical and practical boom which is easy to operate.its particulary suitable for use in case of emergency.



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