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Booms for oil spill control equipment around, mainly used to intercept on the oil spill, guidance, prevention, drag, etc.:
1. In open water, shore or port when oil spills occur, deployment booms, the oil spill to intercept and concentrated on a smaller scale, to create conditions for the recovery of spilled oil;
2. In rivers and coastal waters flow, the proper laying booms, the oil spill recovery and easy guide to non-sensitive waters;
3. The possible spill areas, laying booms as precautionary measures to prevent oil spills;
4. Booms by boat towing, oil spills on the open waters together for recycling.
    Company booms have more than ten kinds of products in dozens of types of products, including solid rubber float (or PVC) booms, inflatable rubber (or PVC) booms, shoal bank-style booms, fire Wai oil field, flexible fast laying booms, fence-style booms, booms and other fast-flow, product applications, including covering pond, river, rapids, ports, terminals, oil, marine and other waters.



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